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Top 5 Luxury Home Trends


Top 5 Luxury Home Trends

Summer is slowly coming to a close, and Fall is so close that you can almost smell it, hear it and feel it. As we get our fall apparel ready to ward off the cold, and get ready to rake our leaves, we might also want to start to switch our style up and implement some new designs for our home.

Looking at luxury home trends is only natural.

We seek the best for our homes. Thus, keeping up with the latest luxury home trends help us to be in line with amazing and interesting ways to add value to our lives, our guests, and our homes.

What are the best luxury home trends? They might vary depending on your specific network and who you socialize with, but there are likely a few commonalities.

Here are some of the best luxury home trends as we head into the last half of the year 2019.

Minimalism Is Still in Style as a Luxury Home Trend

The first luxury home trend is minimalism. Minimalism isn’t just present in homes; it is present in popular high-end hotels, corporate living, and other types of abodes. It is not for no reason either. Minimalism as a luxury design trend has made its way into high-end home decor over nine years or so, and it still reigns supreme to this day. Many well-to families and homebuyers love and appreciate the appeal of the minimalist aesthetic, and add art and history to add more value to their homes. Minimalism in various forms is expected to increase and become a mainstay of many a moneyed home.

Variations of minimalist style will consist of differentiated colors and overall design implementations that range from hues of vintage with the interior paying homage to the essence of a bygone era.

Technology is Certainly a Luxury Home Trend

Technology is a significant driver of the new modern luxury home trend. Technology helps individuals to make their home convenient, safe, and secure. One can see this luxury home trend with the rise of simple aspects such as sleek and modern Ring doorbells to Nest thermostats and pet viewing cameras. Technology fits well into an overall minimalist aesthetic and provides its users with an immense value that they can’t live without.

Lighting Design as a Luxury Home Trend

It is hard to discount the enormous value of lighting in our everyday lives. Unique and proper lighting fixtures can add to the overall ambiance of the home, setting the tone, and adding to its style. Popular lighting additions range from the retro, vintage, and modern minimalist.

Concrete as a Luxury Home Trend

Concrete as a luxury home trend might surprise you, but it might be well worth it. From postmodern concrete benches to postmodern concrete coffee tables, one can certainly see that there is a growing appetite for concrete as an intriguing way to differentiate homes and add a certain pinch of panache to the home.

Improved Guest Accommodations

A definite sign of affluence is the ability to entertain and accommodate elegantly. As such, one luxury home trend that will continue to rise in demand is that of elevated guest rooms which provide guests with an amazing and comfortable experience.