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Top 10 Garage Remodel Ideas

garage remodel ideas

Top 10 Garage Remodel Ideas

Many homeowners would agree with the observation that a garage is one of the most functional spaces of any household.

Whether it is regarding protecting your car or keeping the clutter away from the rest of your home; if it’s about creating a separate workspace for your crafts or simply a workshop to treat your car, a garage could turn into a multipurpose area where you could do a lot more than what a dedicated room in your house could do for you.

That is why when it comes to doing a garage remodel, most homeowners leave no stones unturned. For them, their garage has to provide the functionalities that they desire while also elevating from the usual and drab “four walls” look.

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If you are one such homeowner who wants their garage to stand apart while also catering to your family’s needs, then here are the Top 10 garage remodeling ideas that would serve that purpose perfectly.

  1. Turn Your Garage Into a Loft. This is one of the most ambitious yet significantly transformative remodeling ideas that you can implement for your garage. By elevating your garage walls and adding a loft space on top of it, you could have a separate section for storage instead of clutter being set to the walls.


  1. Add Windows. Usually, a garage is a very secluded and drab-looking space with no sunlight inside. Adding windows can drastically change this and breathe new life to your garage.


  1. Add Ample Lighting. Windows can only let the sunlight in during the day, but you still need bright lights in the evenings to make sure you can examine your car after each drive. That is why you should make sure that this is part of your garage remodel.


  1. Choose Brightly Colored Walls. Another way to spruce up your garage is by using bright colors in its decors. Make sure to not go with the same color on each wall and add accents whenever you can. This adds a certain depth to it.


  1. Turn a Section Into a Gym. A garage doesn’t always have to be focused on your car. It could sometimes cater to your own personal needs. If possible, look into turning it into your personal training space. It could help you make use of the extra space while working towards your fitness.


  1. Install Closets. Usually, people use open shelves to store clutter in their garages. But it doesn’t look very good. Instead, try to install closets or cabinets within the walls of your garage, and you will have a clean space at your hands after the garage remodel.


  1. Use On the Wall Storage. These storage solutions that come in the form of hooks, modular panels, and chain-link frames allow you to hang your tools such as shovels and rakes as well as your bikes and skateboards right along the wall. They save space and make it easy to reach what you are looking for.


  1. Invest in an Automatic Door. This is one of the most basic yet most important suggestions and modifications that you can apply to your garage remodel. Make sure to speak to your garage remodel contractor to install an automatic door, which saves you from the trouble of opening it up manually.


  1. Install a Security System. A garage is often the least secure area of a home, which can be detrimental if you don’t want anyone to break into your belongings – no matter how trivial they may seem. That’s why you should look into installing a security system while you remodel your garage.


  1. Have Ceiling Storage Installed. These storage solutions hang from the ceiling and make it easier for you to reach what you have kept in them while keeping them out of the reach of children.


By following these tips, you can ensure to turn your garage into a striking ode to functionality and aesthetics alike. If you have any further questions or need help with your garage remodel, then don’t hesitate from reaching out to us.