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Swimming Pool Cost – How Much Is It?

Swimming Pool Cost

Swimming Pool Cost – How Much Is It?

Whenever any homeowner starts building the backyard of their dreams, adding a swimming pool to it seems to top the list. After all, the sense of luxury, convenience and overall value that comes with a swimming pool could hardly be beaten by anything else.

With all of those benefits, the larger question of swimming pool cost seems to rule the homeowners’ thoughts as well. It is for good reason too, since swimming pools deem to be one of the costlier additions to a home.

But exactly how costly is a swimming pool, anyway?

Let’s find out.

How Much Does a Swimming Pool Cost?

On an average basis, a typical swimming pool cost starts from $20,000 – $30,000.

But the cost of a swimming pool largely depends upon the type and size of the pool that is being constructed.

If you are simply constructing a smaller swimming pool such as a spool or a cocktail pool, then it would, of course, cost way less than the average cost of $20,000.

However, if you are going with a larger pool, such as that which is a size of 15 x 30 feet, then that might fall in the range of that average cost with an approximate starting expense of $25,000.

Similarly, a larger pool such as that with a size of 18 x 36 feet may start from $35,000.

But as the information above defines, these costs are the starting range for these pool sizes.

The actual swimming pool cost for your backyard would depend upon a number of factors. They include but are not limited to your pool material, its depth, and the extra architecture that you might add to it.

All of these construction expenditures make up for your total cost. That is why it is essential that you keep all of these factors in mind while you budget to get your dream backyard in place.

The Building Factors are Not the Only Cost to Be Considered

While selecting between a poured concrete and fiberglass swimming pool may affect the overall cost, building materials wouldn’t be the only deciding factor here.

You will also need to consider the labor costs, the associated yet imperative modifications around the pool, and the additional maintenance fixtures such as filters and chemicals at the time of installation.

All of these factors are essential. Labor costs deserve a special mention since otherwise you would be laying down your pool all by yourself – which is kind of impossible to do if you haven’t had professional experience in this line of work.

Needless to say, these factors could drive your cost higher, and adding extras such as pool slides or diving boards could only increase it further.

Considering this, while knowing about the average cost is a good thing, you should also keep in mind that the cited costs are just a starting point.

You should only consider the cost as a baseline, and always keep an open mind about the costs actually driving up than that usual estimate. For specific information, don’t hesitate from contacting a reliable contractor, who could provide you with an accurate assessment of a swimming pool cost accordingly.