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Remodeling a House – Where to Start

remodeling a house

Remodeling a House – Where to Start

When thinking of remodeling a house, a thought that often crosses the mind of a homeowner is where to start with their renovation project.

Should they go ahead and consult with an architect? Should they start looking for contractors right away? Should they buy materials from the store? Or would sourcing them for existing structures be the right call?

In order to answer these questions, here is a brief guide on where how to start with the process of remodeling a house.

Start by Proper Planning

This may seem like a very basic first step, but it is very essential to initiate the process of remodeling a house. By proper planning and answering necessary questions in your mind, you can define your vision and goal with the project.

This way, you would be able to outline the most crucial requirements to the most ambitious features of your renovation project. This would then help you determine what is it that you want to achieve by remodeling your house in the first place.

And all of this would lead you to the next few steps such as outlining your budget and defining your vision to a contractor.

Set Aside Renovation Costs

The aforementioned planning would have helped you sort out your priorities in a way that would make crucial decisions easier, such as hatching out your budget.

Take a look at your list of requirements and your goals with the project, and prioritize them according to what is the most required item to one which you can live without.

Make sure to not go by blind estimates, but reach out to different contractors and stores to take time rates on different services and materials. This would help you jot down a list of expenses, which you can then use to put aside your funds accordingly.

Here, you would also need to make sure that you add around 20-30 percent more to the estimated budget. This is to cover for any unforeseen costs that are usually associated with remodeling a house. This would help you steer clear of any roadblocks in the midst of the project.

Reach Out to a Contractor

As generous as you were in speaking to as many contractors as possible during the estimates phase, it would be time to pull back on that approach. You would now need to select one of them to help with remodeling your house.

But doing so wouldn’t come without holding extensive interviews with the most prominent contractors that you can find in your vicinity. When you have a list of contractors with the most experience, credibility and customer satisfaction rating in your area, be ready to vet them.

Reach out to each of them and ask them questions about:

  • Their past experience.
  • Their portfolio.
  • Their costs.
  • Their References.
  • Their estimated time to complete the project.

Add any important points that you can think of to these questions, and ensure to get an answer to all of them. Depending upon the information you obtain, finalize your choice of contractor.

These initial steps would help you get ready for the intensive task of remodeling a house. If you maintain the same knowledgeable and resourceful approach throughout the project, you would be able to breeze through it without any hassles.