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Pool Renovations – When You Are On a Budget

Pool Renovations

Pool Renovations – When You Are On a Budget

Pool renovations remain as some of the most exciting remodeling projects for homeowners. Why wouldn’t they be? These projects do not only add to the overall aesthetics of a home, but also provide tons of functionality to it. And as if that wasn’t enough, they also elevate the curb appeal of a home by a very significant margin.

But as great as pool renovations could be, they could also take their toll on your bank account. That is why, those who are on a budget often find it difficult to execute their dream pool remodeling project.

While the task to carry out pool remodeling on a budget is difficult, it is not impossible at all. If you are looking to have your pool redone on a budget, then the following tips would help you execute the project like a pro.

Make a List of Priorities

No matter what kind of remodeling project that you are taking on for your home, prioritizing your needs always helps with controlling the expense.

Put together a list of the changes that you ideally want to see through the remodeling project. Then, calculate the costs by taking quotes from multiple contractors. This would give you an idea of how much your ideal renovation costs as compared to the budget you have set aside for the whole project.

From there, break that list down further. This could be in terms of remodeling changes that seem mandatory and any modifications that you could live without. And that gives you a way to zero down on a list of changes that are possible without breaking the bank.

Do the Big Changes First

While getting pool renovations done, you need to make sure that you are paying attention to the big picture first.

If you go with a bunch of smaller changes that are hard to notice, such as installing a new diving board, then they may collectively cost more than what they add to the poolside’s overall look.

But if you go with more noticeable changes such as installing new pool tiles, flooring or underwater lighting, then they would shine through in terms of added value.

Keeping this in mind, if you are going with renovations to make your pool area stand out, then doing bigger changes first would be the way to go.

Leave Any Restructuring Until You Have the Money to Spare

One of the trickiest parts of pool renovations is when you decide to restructure your existing pool area. It adds a lot of eye candy. But it is such an extensive process that it could take weeks to complete. With that, it also has the ability to cost you a fortune in terms of expenses.

That is why, when you have the task of completing your pool remodeling on a budget, it is best to pass up on very large changes such as pool restructuring.

This helps you focus on remodeling changes that matter without costing you an arm and a leg. These changes include but are not limited to your pool tiles, landscaping, and architectural changes around the pool such as external flooring or pool slides.

Keeping these tips in mind helps you go through the remodeling project with ease, and without having your fret about your budget. Make sure to discuss your requirements with an experienced remodeling contractor, who could guide you through the process with seasoned advice.