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Outdoor BBQ Island – Design Ideas and Tips

Outdoor BBQ Island

Outdoor BBQ Island – Design Ideas and Tips

With the Fourth of July just a month away, it is time for many of us to start planning our barbecue parties. If you are a frequent host for this annual fun under the sun, then you would relate to the excitement and the abundance of efforts that are put into it.

From food to ambiance, and from grilling to party games, a lot of aspects have to be taken care of before you could open your backyard to your friends and family. Everything has to be perfect to the last hotdog that you grill that day, otherwise, all your efforts are suspected to go down the drain.

One of the most crucial components of the Fourth of July BBQ or any grilling get together for that matter is your grill itself. If you don’t have a grilling setup that lets you work your magic with ease, then all your burgers and your hotdogs could turn to ashes in your guests’ mouth.

Not a fun picture, is it?

That is why, most grilling aficionados make it a point to invest in their own outdoor BBQ island.

What Does an Outdoor BBQ Island Do?

A BBQ island is often seen in the backyards of homes which are known for their hospitality and love for food.

Consisting of a grill, counters, sink and sometimes even a mini fridge, these BBQ island setups serve as mini-kitchens in the most luxurious of setups, and as helpful workstations in their modest versions.

If you have been involved with cooking or hosting guests over a platter of freshly grilled meat, then you would know how crucial a BBQ island could be to the art of grilling.

And if you have been thinking about installing one for yourself, then the following tips would help you make the most out of your outdoor BBQ island.

Install a Stone Surface Island

Stone surface islands are a classic look that also comes with the promise of added durability. These island setups provide a lot of shades to work with. By typically, brown, beige and gray deem to be the most prominent.

With great texture and captivating look for days, stone surface islands would prove to be a great addition to your backyard. Since they require minimal maintenance, this only adds to their overall value.

Keep Hot and Warm Appliances Apart

It is a very basic tip, but it is efficacious nonetheless. Make sure that your outdoor BBQ island is set up in a way where it has hot appliances such as stove and grill set up on one side, and colder appliances such as mini fridge on the other.

This makes sure that your appliances aren’t being harmed just by being under each other’s presence. All in all, this improves the longevity of your appliances and prevents pesky issues.

Keep It Minimalistic

The minimalist design also adds to the overall effect that an outdoor BBQ island could have on your backyard. If you go with a design that is completely white and uses plain countertops, then you show off a minimalist approach in your aesthetic.

Add a plant or two and surround the island setup with lush green grass, and you have got yourself a winner. This makes sure that you are projecting a look that is calm and collected even in the scorching summer heat and goes a long way in having people compliment your decor style.

Make It Rustic

Apart from stone and minimalist designs, another way to make your BBQ island shine is by selecting something rusting. You could go for designs that provide a country-style charm and use lots of wood as accents.

If your backyard is designed in such a way that it speaks for a farm décor, then this kind of outdoor BBQ setup would go hand in hand with it. And in a Fourth of July BBQ party, it would do wonders for your theme along with some freshly grilled ribs to boot.

Make sure to discuss the options with a professional contractor, who would also have other ideas to make your outdoor BBQ setup a memorable installation.