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Home Building Timeline: What Impacts It?

Home-building timeline. What impacts it?

Home Building Timeline: What Impacts It?

Building a home can be a surprising and delightful experience for many individuals. A lucky homeowner can be involved in the process from a more intensive and hands-on standpoint. They can take ownership over their new home and design their home for their specific needs, wants, and desires. But as Voltaire (or those who prefer a more recent figure, Uncle Ben from Spiderman) said, “with great power comes great responsibility.” As such, it is vital to fully understand all of the details of the homebuilding process, lest one be caught off guard and have an unpleasant experience.

Remember that there are a great many things to know about the home building process, from the effectiveness of the floor plan to the building materials to other aspects of the design plan. One must genuinely immerse themselves in the process to obtain success.

Let’s take a look at some of the different aspects that affect your home building timeline, this way, you can be prepared for potential obstacles and have a general peace of mind throughout your home building journey. As such, we’ll cover the process of building a home and the potential issues that one might face.

The Overall Homebuilding Timeline

It is important to note that a homebuilding timeline might last as long as 25 weeks. If everything goes well, one can create a fantastic home within 20 weeks.

The first part of the process is the pre-phase.

We will have five phases after the initial pre-phase.


The pre-phase part of the home building timeline includes the different components of what happens before the actual building begins; this consists of the planning, the designs, and the overall blueprints. Homebuilders might also provide you with a virtual walk-through with their different visualization software programs. A comprehensive home builder would then give an outline of the building process and the homebuilding timeline. They will then delve into the necessary materials and what that would entail. This is where you will pay significant attention to detail. Remember that there are two types of options present here, pre-priced home plans and modified plans.

This is where we see the first potential obstacle a homebuilding timeline delay. Those who choose to go with standard pre-priced options will typically see fewer delays due to minimal customization, while those with a more creative flair might see more delays due to increased customization and need for unique materials.

Delays might consist of supply retrieval, proper assistance, permit approval, and other slight nuances involved in a more custom process.

Phases 1-4 in The Home Building Timeline

After you move past the first part of your home building timeline where permits and approvals are present, your home builder will initiate the groundbreaking, site excavation, and footings.

The homebuilder will then lay the foundation, and there should be minimal to no delays in this segment of the homebuilding timeline.

Then comes the framing; framing is critical because an inspection will occur after the framing. If everything is done correctly, then the review will pass, and the project will move along smoothly. But if things aren’t up to par, then the project might experience delays in this component.

The next important step is the mechanical part of the process, which includes siding, roofing, wiring, plumbing, and other aspects. This must be done right because then there’ll be another set of inspections.

A recurring theme here is that it is inspections that may delay the process. As such, it is essential to find the best home builders that will carry out your home building timeline in a proper manner. Proper planning starts with the right home building partner to execute your home building timeline in a straightforward fashion.