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7 Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes

Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes

7 Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes

Kitchen remodeling is one of the most common renovation projects in residential real estate. Why not? A kitchen is the most popular area in the house, after all. In fact, most American families spend a significant chunk of their waking time in the kitchen.

But as common and essential of an area kitchen is, remodeling it could be very difficult. From spending too much to not paying attention to certain materials, you could make a number of mistakes especially if you are handling the project all by yourself.

To help you execute the remodeling with ease, here are the top 7 kitchen remodeling mistakes to avoid.

1. Deciding to Do It Yourself

First, you need to understand that a kitchen remodel is not a simple project. From plumbing to electric work, and from woodworking to flooring, the remodel involves almost all aspects of residential construction.

If you want to avoid running after multiple subcontractors yourself, then hiring a general contractor or home builder would be the way to go. It doesn’t cost so much but provides you with the expertise that is essential in kitchen remodeling.

2. Buying Cheap Appliances

Make sure that whatever you do, you are not cutting costs unnecessarily in terms of appliances. Cheap appliances may come with at a lower price. But their low quality would also mean that they would break frequently and need to be replaced sooner than you think. This would cause you to spend more on these appliances in the long run.

3. Not Getting Durable Flooring

This is another aspect that is often overlooked during kitchen remodeling. Your kitchen is a high foot traffic area. This means that it needs flooring that is durable and sturdy, while also being easy to clean against spills. Make sure that you select a flooring type that fits these requirements perfectly.

4. Not Paying Attention to Ventilation

If your range hood is not properly functioning or if you don’t have enough windows in your kitchen, then a relaxing cooking session could send you down a brief trip to Hell. Apart from raising temperatures, it could also cause you to sit in a cloud of smoke. Make sure that you are paying attention to ventilation during kitchen remodeling so you don’t run into such issues.

5. Having Insufficient Lighting

Apart from helping with ventilation, windows also play the part of letting the light into your kitchen. This helps you make sure that you have enough lighting fixtures to keep your vision at an optimal level while you cook. Remember, you could dine very well under dim restaurant lights, but it is essential you have brightly lit spaces while you are cooking in order to avoid injuries and threats.

6. Not Getting Enough Power Outlets

If your kitchen has more appliances than power outlets, then it could cause you more than a few problems to deal with on a daily basis. Even if you have the exact ratio of outlets to appliances, it is essential that you install some additional outlets for your other devices and chargers during your kitchen remodeling. It ensures that you don’t have to run through rooms during cooking each time your phone’s battery depletes.

7. Not Paying Attention to Storage Solutions

Does your current kitchen have more cutlery than it could hold? Does it not keep all your plates safe and force you to put them in storage? Make sure that you avoid these inconveniences by having ample storage solution installed during your kitchen remodeling. Doing so helps you keep everything in one place, while also saving a fortune on additional storage solutions.

Avoiding these mistakes could save you a lot of trouble and funds in the long run.