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12 House Remodeling Ideas

house remodeling ideas

12 House Remodeling Ideas

When it comes to house remodeling ideas, it seems that you can never have enough of them. After all, when it comes to remodeling your own house, you want the best of the best in creativity. You desire for your home to sing through its style, and for your family and friends to join that tune only to shower praises at your house’s new look.

To make sure that you have an abundance of inspiration for when you are about to embark on a renovation adventure, here are 12 house remodeling ideas that are bound to strike a chord with you.

Make a Pillow Room

Ever wanted to take that pillow fort idea from your childhood to the next level? Try the pillow room. Targeted to turn a small room into comfort heaven with pillowed flooring and walls along with a TV, this is one home theater that can be created within a budget and have everyone in your social circle talking about it. Just don’t have any pillow fights in there.

Make an Actual Treehouse

Speaking of reliving your childhood, why not give the old treehouse idea to a literal level too? Make a small cabin over a tree in your backyard to make your yesteryear dreams come true.

Create a Small Library Under the Stairs

Now, this is one of those house remodeling ideas that would make Harry Potter fans excited. Instead of letting a boy wizard live under the stairs, turn that cupboard under the stairs into a book reading space.

Put a Mini Fridge Under Your Kitchen Island

Want another creative way to utilize unused space? Install a mini-fridge under your kitchen island to turn that block of wood and stone into something that’s more than a surface.

You May Also Put a Wine Rack Under the Kitchen Island

Extending on the idea above, why stop yourself at beers and soda when you can actually have some wine while cooking? Install a wine rack under the kitchen island and make your aspiring sommelier friends proud.

Install Multiple Dishwashers

Tired of having to wash extra dishes after a big party just because the dishwasher is full? Make sure that it never happens again by making space for two dishwashers in your kitchen. Is it splurging? We think not.

Build a Pull Out Cabinet

Don’t want your extra kitchen space to be ridden with counters just so you could have some extra surface area to work with? Try building pull out cabinets under your counters to provide you with that additional surface area without hogging your kitchen.

Use Lazy Susans

This is one of those age-old yet very effective house remodeling ideas to make use of limited space. By installing these rotating shelves inside your cabinets, you can make sure to organize your belongings for easy access.

Make a Walk in Shower

Instead of having to walk into showers that look like glass cages, make a small closet-like space in your bathroom that remains open from one end. Spruce it up with attractive bathroom tiles and flooring, and you have got yourself a walk in shower.

Put a Bar Rail on Your Deck

Tired of holding your plate or beer bottle in your hands while throwing that barbecue party? By putting a bar rail on your deck, you can to have an extra space to put down your drink and plates while you take some time to relax.

Turn the Garden Shed Into Something More Useful

Instead of having your garden shed be a shabby old cabin that is nothing more than a house for dusty tools, turn it into an artistic office. It would give you a good view while also adding eye candy to your backyard.

Use Platform Storage

Want to make sure your house is free of clutter? Make sure to organize your home and your life by installing platform storage within the floor. Organize items like extra sheets, pillows and winter clothes in it. Now, this is one of those house remodeling ideas that might make Marie Kondo proud. Does that spark joy?